Welcome to AttexoTech, one of Bellingham's lesser known computer consulting companies.

Since 2001 we've served many of the smaller engineering and architecture firms in town, from a single workstation in their home office, to 30 machine networks with offsite branches with VPNs.

Additionally we have experience with Asterisk for VoIP & PBX solutions, as well as many accounting and inventory control systems with barcode interfaces.

We also offer website hosting and flat rate website design options. No templates here, each site is hand designed and coded to fit your company colors, style and feel.

The blog link you see in the upper right is where we share user-oriented tips, tricks, and products we run across.

You probably won't find the latest release of open source BGP routing software here, but may find a note about a quirk in Office we discovered, or a gotcha on printing from Photoshop or AutoCAD to PDFs. We try to update fairly regularly, but there might be gaps if nothing new has cropped up. The best way of following it is RSS, which we'll be happy to explain and show you how to use!