We have a pretty simple mission statement: We want to go out of business due to lack of work.

Sounds counter intuitive, but that's the idea behind our company. Computers shouldn't be something you have to deal with, or even think about. They should sit there and do their thing, which is to facilitate your business. If you're constantly having problems, outages, or breakdowns, someone has done their job poorly. In that sense, we'd rather never hear from you. "No news is good news".

Code of Ethics:

We know, the old comment about the sysadmin reading your email, etc. We don't care. Our word is very very important to us, at the end of the day all we have is knowledge and integrity, and one is useless without the other. We don't read your email, go through your files, anything. We only remotely access your system if you want us to. We never give your passwords/usernames/email addresses out.

What Happens If We Get Hit By A Bus?

Oddly, this was actually a real question we got asked a few years ago. After much asking of "seriously?" and "do you know something we don't?" we wrote down all the admin passwords and outlined a basic system summary for the next guy.

We can do this for you, but we will require certain assurances about security of the document that contains the passwords. And there will of course be additional hours and thus costs associated with creating and maintaining a document of this type.

Having said that, we do try to make sure at least a couple people in charge know the admin/root passwords for the major devices. Just in case.