We can do pretty much whatever you need, be it install a new version of your major application or suite, degunk your existing install, build a new computer, or design and deploy and an entirely new network and servers. We have extensive experience with Linux/Unix/MacOS, and of course Windows. We're also very familiar with database/web/email servers. VoIP, Asterisk especially, is also a passion of ours.

Honestly, if you have a need, just ask. If we don't have someone with the knowledge, we have lots of friends that know many varied and diverse things.

The best thing is the tell us what you want to do. Then, possibly after a site visit to asses the existing system, we can work together to figure out the best course forward. We have traditionally excelled at making due with a small budget, be it using open source software, or re-purposing old machines for new tasks, we view spending money as a last recourse.

Standard rates are as follows:
$65/hour for 8am-6pm M-F, $85 outside of this.

We know, you'd rather IT stuff happen afters hours, but we're amazingly attached to our evenings and weekends. If after hours work is required, we'll do our best to minimize it by getting things setup before hand.

Computers are quoted with a standard 10% markup and 2 hours of standard rate assembly/install time. All new computers are considered done when they have the operating system, all patches and drivers installed and operating correctly.

Data migration and other application installation is done on an hourly basis either on site or in our office. In our office tends to be a bit less time simply because we can do other things while programs install, thus you don't get charged for it.

We don't charge travel time in Bellingham city limits, and half-time for the county. This is sort of a case-by-case basis, and if you're in the county we'll make sure to let you know before we head out. The basic way this works is if you're just, technically, outside of the Bellingham city limits we may very likely not charge, but if you're in Sumas or Lummi island, chances are pretty good we will. Again, we'll make sure you know before hand so there aren't surprises.